Because of You
December 23, 2013
284 Pages
Because of You

Standalone Novel


I’m every girl’s wet dream and every father’s nightmare.
I’m all about hook-ups and one night stands.
I’m never falling in love and I’ll never commit.
I’m Hunter Davis and sex is my only escape.

I’m every boy’s nightmare and every mother’s dream.
I’m all about monogamy and long term commitments.
I’m a dreamer and a sucker for a romance novel.
I’m Riley Hamilton and reading is my only escape.

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Teasers and Excerpts


Leaning back I close my eyes,letting the sun ease the tension from my body. When I feel a spray of cool water hit my feet I yank off my sunglasses to see what the hell’s going on.

There’s a man swimming in the pool! He pulls himself through the water with such speed and fluidity that I see every ripped muscle in his back and arms. He goes under, flips, kicks off the wall starting another. I lose count after thirty. He slowly turns around, dives underwater, then ambles up the stairs. I have to remember to breathe. In all his glistening glory he’s by far the most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He has honey-colored hair with piercing blue eyes and HOLY S–T he notices me as he makes his way over.

“Hi, my name’s Hunter Davis.” He saunters over with a cocky smile on his sexy lips. “You must be Riley. Your Dad’s told me so much about you.”

What I want to say is, “Really? He doesn’t even know me,” but I refrain. “Well, that’s nice but I’m sorry–he didn’t mention you at all.” I give him my best sarcastic smile, but I don’t think I pulled it off because he’s chuckling.

He places his hand over his heart as he shakes his head. “I’m crushed he didn’t mention me; I live in the apartment above the garage. I have access to the pool area and Rosie’s amazing culinary skills.”

“I didn’t even know there was an apartment up there.” I look around and for the life of me I don’t see any garages.

“It’s on the left side. The house is L-shaped; I even have my own entrance by the gate.” He runs his long fingers through his wet hair.

“You’re a great swimmer.” I can feel my cheeks burning as I stare at him like I’ve never seen the male species before.

“Thanks. During the summer I’m a lifeguard so I like to do laps on my days off to keep in shape.”

A lifeguard, Holy S–t…

Walking into the bedroom I fight to hold back the tears that are about to escape. Changing into my boy shorts with a tank top I slip under the nice cool sheets. They smell like him-a mixture of his soap with that spicy scent that’s all his. I can’t hold back the tears anymore; my heart feels like its breaking.

He tries to open the door as quietly as possible, but it squeaks. Walking over to the bed he pulls back the sheets and slides in next to me. His arms circle around me just like last night and I feel a lump catch in my throat as a sob escapes me. He gently rolls me over, brushing his fingertips lightly over my cheeks. “Baby, why are you crying? What’s wrong? Please talk to me.”

“It’s Friday; tonight was supposed to be our first time.” Once I admit this to him, I start to cry even harder.

He leans his head against mine as he sucks in a deep breath. “I want you more than you will ever know.”

Suddenly I feel very brave. “Don’t tell me, just show me.” If he rejects me again, I will die.

A growl rumbles from deep inside his chest as he crushes his mouth to mine. His tongue slips through my parted lips. He’s demanding, rough, and there’s nothing gentle about this kiss. The warmth’s spreading through my belly and I can feel the dampness between my legs.

Kneeling on the bed he picks me up so I’m in front of him. Brushing the hair off my damp cheeks he asks, “Is this what you want? Because once I’ve tasted you I will have to have you every day for the rest of my life.”

Resting my hands on his broad shoulders I look up into his lust-filled eyes as I nod my head. He grabs the hem of my tank top and pulls it off, throwing it to the floor….

Grabbing her by the waist I pull her to me. We’re nose to nose and it takes everything in me not to assault her mouth with mine. “Your dad obviously doesn’t want us together, Riley. So he’s picked out some preppy dude to occupy your time for the summer.”

She wraps her arms around my neck, tugging on my hair. Standing on her tiptoes she licks my bottom lip then nips it with her teeth, causing a reaction inside my shorts. “I want you to occupy me for the summer, not Parker or anyone else my dad wants to fix me up with.”

Crushing her body against mine I explore her mouth with my tongue. When her tongue flicks across my bottom lip I suck it into my mouth, She tastes so f—ing good, like berries and lemons. A moan escapes the back of her throat, sending me over the edge.”Riley, we need to stop or I’m going to throw you on my bed right now.”

She looks at me with her lust filled eyes. “What’s wrong with that?” She grabs my hand trying to pull me down the hallway.

“We can’t do this now; there’s a party going on because of you! Scott’s probably looking for you right this second and believe me it won’t be pretty if he finds you here with me. We’ll talk later, I promise.” She needs to go, now!

“Can I come back up here later when the guests leave?” She looks at me with those huge eyes and my heart skips a beat.

“Why don’t you meet me down at the beach after everyone’s gone. Here, I’ll write my number down and you can text me.” Grabbing a sheet of paper I jot down my number and fold it into her palm.

“I’m still learning how to text. Can I call you?” Her cheeks turn pink. Funny how they were flushed moments ago.

“Do whatever is easiest for you.” Kissing her lightly on the lips I fix her hair before sending her out the door.

I’m a dead man walking.

“What’s so funny?” she asks as she jabs me in the ribs.

“Nothing, I was jut thinking about something. Let’s go raid the fridge, then we can make a picnic by the Jacuzzi. How’s that sound?” Grabbing her elbow I lead her into the kitchen door.

“That sounds like a game plan to me.” She winks at me before heading inside.

We grab some cold past salad, cheese, olives and some crusty bread. I grab a few beers, while she takes some sweet tea. Scooting her upstairs so she can change I hurry to set up everything before going upstairs to put on my shorts. When I round the corner I see she’s already relaxing in the warm bubbles.

Sliding in beside her I lean in to kiss her neck just above her collarbone. She gasps as her body trembles against my mouth.

“If you keep that up I’m going to straddle you right here and now.” She looks at me like she could eat me up.

I throw my hands up in surrender. “We better stick to food; I don’t want your dad seeing us grinding against each other tonight.”

“That’s a very wise decision,” she laughs. I hand her a plate of food.

After we finish eating we sit in the hot tub until our skin shrivels up like prunes.When we finally climb out I cover her with my shirt before sitting in the lounge chair and tucking her between my legs. We talked until one in the morning. Whispering in her ear I tell her, “I’m looking forward to Friday so I won’t have to say goodnight.”

"I loved the way the past continued to weave into the present all the way through the story. There are so many clues planted within the story to let you know what actually happens at the end, not that I’ll spill the secret here, but suffice it to say, the author did a brilliant job of cluing you in!

While the love scenes were quite steamy, the depth of feelings between Hunter and Riley are quite evident, even when they’re fighting with one another. This story will have you laughing and crying as the layers of the story unfold to reveal the true love hidden within."
Amy B.
Kindle Customer