Bound By Steel
March 19, 2016
338 Pages
Bound By Steel

Standalone Novel


Lyra Harper

I was driving home to spend the holidays with my family.
But I lost control of my vehicle on an icy mountain road.
I slammed into a tree on the edge of Lake Lucerne.
I barely remember writing my name on the frosted windowpane.
The darkness had swallowed me whole.
I spiraled toward oblivion.
When I awoke from the gloom I found myself in an old log cabin With the devil’s eyes piercing fiercely into mine.

Ryker Steel

Up until four days ago, my life was tedious and tiresome.
Until, I rescued a dainty girl with golden hair and hazel eyes.
She looks just like the one I’m trying to forget.
Now my life has turned upside down and inside out.
You see, I inadvertently revealed my true identity.
Now, she can never leave.
We will live in hell, until we take our last breaths, together.
Lyra was the one who insisted on playing the game. But I have a gut feeling, I will be the one to lose…

Teasers and Excerpts


I’m breathless, when he picks up the soap in his skillful hands and begins lathering my body. All thoughts cease to exist as he washes me in all of my most intimate places. Am I feeling guilty? Absolutely. Will I regret it tomorrow? Possibly. But, if Ryker and I are in this for the long haul, why not. We are two consenting adults with one goal in mind. Release.

Ryker reaches around to turn off the water just as it becomes tepid. Then he quickly grabs his towel and proceeds to wrap it around me. At this point, I think I’d agree to just about anything this man could give me and then some. I’ve just tied the towel over the swell of my breasts when I notice his gaze dip before glancing back up to me. Without a doubt, the sexual attraction I feel for this man is extremely volatile.

“Are you ready to hear what I have to offer?” When I nod, his thumb sweeps across those sexy-as-sin lips. Repressing a smile? With one quick flick of his wrist, my towel is down around my ankles. And before I have a chance to catch my breath, my back is pressed tightly against his chest. My body’s pulsating with need, when he splays his large hands across my abdomen. All the while, his thumbs stroke over the soft outline of my breasts. “This is the way I will take you, precious. From behind. I do not do missionary because I will not kiss you, stare into your eyes or whisper words of love. But, I can promise you this; I will sate your hunger, quench your thirst and fulfill your every desire. And when I allow you to come, it will be the most satisfying release you will have ever experienced. So tell me, are you in or out?”