Flawless Melody
March 1, 2023
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Flawless Melody

Rebel Riot | Book One


I’ve known her since she was in braces. Now, she’s all grown up and drop-dead gorgeous.

Melody Carter is the last woman I should crave.

She’s my best friend’s little sister: Forbidden and off limits.

Despite how my body burns for her, I know I should avoid temptation at all costs.

Imagine how I feel when my best friend invites her to go on our world tour!

Now, everywhere I look, from the close quarters of our tour bus to sound checks and after parties, she’s there.

Reckless, wild, and free.

Making a move could threaten my friendship.

Am I willing to risk it all?

Plug in the amps and turn up the bass. You’re cordially invited to join Rebel Riot on their world tour. Prepare to indulge in Flawless Melody, a forbidden rockstar romance under the torrid heat of the stage lights.

Teasers and Excerpts


Once I’ve secured the gate, I unlock the bus and gesture for her to go inside. Which is my first mistake when she missteps in the darkness and I slam into her back. Causing her to stumble.

After grabbing her around the waist so she doesn’t fall, I flip on the light switch. My second mistake is not releasing her fast enough and the awkwardness that follows. When I finally come to my senses, I let her go and watch her hightail it down to the back of the bus. I take this time to shoot Brian, our head of security, a quick text letting him know I’m on the bus.

After throwing the keys on the counter, I pull open the fridge and grab a beer. Then I slide into the booth and pop it open. The first swig always tastes the best. Leaning back, I wait for her and that’s when I make the third mistake.

“I don’t know what you were thinking, but sleeping in the parking lot was a stupid decision on your part.”

“Thanks for the advice, Dad, but I didn’t ask for it.” Oh, this girl and her smart mouth is going to be the death of me.

I’m really surprised when she heads back this way. I thought for sure she’d hunker down in her bedroom and avoid me at all costs. Nope, not this feisty girl. I watch her every move as she opens the fridge, grabs a beer, and then sits across from me. She spins the can between her fingertips but doesn’t open it.

“So why did you tell me you had no place else to go?” Yep, I’m a glutton for punishment. Open mouth and insert foot. She could have gone home.

“I thought about it, then decided it’s better just to come here and make your life miserable. How’s it working for you?”

“I’m serious, Melody. Knock it off with the smart-ass comebacks.”

“Fine, I tried booking a room at the hotel and they were full. Reason I’m here. What’s your excuse?”

“Jaxon and I were supposed to share a room, but he decided to share it with someone of the opposite sex. I tried renting a room, too, but they were booked solid.”

She pops open the can, taps mine against hers and says, “Cheers. At least someone’s getting laid.”