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May 26th, 2022
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The Sinful Seven Series

Book 4

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Hands over my head, I bring my sticks together and tap out the opening beat. A split second later the rest of The Sinful Seven join in on the rousing cords. I’ve done this a million times before.

So why am I surrounded by thousands of screaming fans, Yet feel so abandoned and alone? Desperate for a break, I get in the car and drive.

That’s when fate steps in…

I came to her rescue in a random grocery store one night.

Then again when her car wouldn’t start. Now, we’re snowed in together during the worst blizzard since 78’.

Savannah has no idea who I am. And I’m captivated by her southern charm. She’s a little bit country, and I’m the drummer for The Sinful Seven. The hottest rock band these days!

When the time comes for her to learn about my rockstar alter ego, Can we find a way to fit into each other’s worlds? Or will the trappings Of fame cost me the first real happiness I’ve found in years?

Get lost in the gritty world of rock-and-roll with Trevor. The fourth and final installment in The Sinful Seven series, where country and rock blend in an alluring combination.

Teasers and Excerpts


      Damn. Damn. Damn. I catch him staring at me out of the corner of my eye and berate myself once again for being a nice Samaritan. If I hadn’t given him the name of the bar I work at, chances are he wouldn’t be hiding in the corner booth once again. What’s his deal anyway? Forget it. I really don’t want to know. Thank god I only have one more hour to my shift and then I can get the hell out of here.

      I know I’m in trouble when Gretchen comes strutting over to the bar with a grin from ear to ear. “Why didn’t you mention you ran into a tall, dark and handsome stranger at the grocery store the other night?” I’m ready to deny it, when the stalker sits down right beside her. Great. Can this night get any better?

      “Hey Savannah. Fancy meeting you here.” At the sound of his voice, I suddenly become all thumbs as the bottle I’m holding slips through my fingers. Only to be saved, by this irresistible stranger, before crashing to the floor. Good god a shock of thick dark hair spills out from beneath his cap when it tumbles to the floor. But it’s when his eyes meet mine, inches apart, that hold me captive as everything around me disappears. I’m lost in the deep-set brown flecked with gold. My mama warned me about boys with those bedroom eyes. The ones that muddle your thoughts and scramble your brain.

      “Wow, you certainly have nimble fingers and quick reflexes.” This coming from Gretchen would be almost comical if I wasn’t so rapt with attention.

      “It’s a good chance I made the move from the table to the bar. Right, Savannah?” God, even the way my name rolls off his tongue sets my skin ablaze. Igniting an inferno that runs through my veins. What is it about this guy that makes me feel like this?

      When he points to his cap lying on the floor, I’m only too happy to oblige. Anything to break the spell he’s sucked me into. But nothing prepares me for the brush of his fingers as he takes the cap from my outstretched hand. I don’t have the chance to warn him about putting that dirty cap back onto his silken hair before the guy on the end of the bar is vying for my attention. Right. I’m supposed to be working here. Dammit!

(Unedited) Copyright © Connie Lafortune 2022

When she pokes her head around the corner, I feel like I’m thirteen again. A déjà vu moment when she came down those very steps to check up on me after I broke my arm. Fuck! My hand rubs at the ache that’s never left my chest since that day I saw her lying in that hospital bed after her accident.

“Can I have a hug, or are you going to sit over there with that goofy look on your face?” She cautiously steps towards me and I hate that I’m feeling like this. It’s even worse when Caleb walks into the room, glaring at me. Like I’m the one who did something wrong.

In two short strides she’s in my arms and I’m complete. Willow’s not only my blood, she’s always been my best friend. Together, we’ve been through hell and back. We were inseparable, until Caleb came along. “I missed you so damn much, cuz.”

“Ditto.” She squeezes me tighter and her sniffles don’t go undetected.

“Don’t blame Willow for the lack of contact, that’s all on me. Her therapy and overall health is my top priority. I didn’t want any distractions halting her from getting better.” I knew the asshole was going to put in his two cents.

Willow stands on her tiptoes, kissing my cheek, then turns to look at Caleb. “Not today, Caleb.”

(Unedited)  Copyright © Connie Lafortune 2022