Private Messages
January 15, 2019
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Private Messages

Standalone Novel



For so long, my very existence teetered on the brink of death.
That’s what happens, when you lose the other piece of your heart.
I can’t sleep, write or work.
Until, I meet him. . .
The one who won’t let me fade back into the darkness.
Now, I’m feeling things that I shouldn’t.
But the man is determined to breathe me back to life.
And, it’s been so long since I took a breath.


I’ve been called a cold heartless bastard one too many times.
However, I didn’t get to where I am by not taking chances.
I’m the successful owner of Club Syn.
And then I meet her. . .
I’m torn between my mysterious caller and the raging storm.
Now, I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before.
One is untouchable, the other continues to push me away.
And, it’s been so long since I’ve been inspired.

Teasers and Excerpts


        The sexual tension between us is electric. It’s obvious we’re both feeling it and we have no idea why. A sense of déjà vu washes over me, although I know I’ve never been here like this with him. What the hell’s going on?
       “You feel it too, don’t you?” All I can do is nod because I have no words. We’re both drinking each other in when someone clears their throat. I want to scream Not now!
       Zane quickly snaps his head to the side. “Not now, Mike!” Ah, he read my mind. I’m desperate to explore what’s happening between the two of us.
       “I’m truly sorry to interrupt but your four o’clock appointment is here. What should I tell her?” Zane clenches his jaw. I see the conflict wash over him, but I also know he’s a shrewd businessman. He can’t cancel on such short notice without some repercussions.
       “Don’t apologize, Zane. I’m the one who came here unannounced and you’ve been more than generous with your time. Thank you for the delicious lunch.”
       Zane stands up so abruptly that my hands begin trembling as he walks over and pulls out my chair. Always the perfect gentleman. His mother taught him well.  When he grabs my hand and pulls me along without an explanation, I hesitate. Until he glares in my direction and I reluctantly follow. What the hell’s he doing? And where’s he taking me?
       “Boss, what do you want me to do with your four o’clock…”
       Zane’s hand flies up in the air, dismissing Mike in an instant. “Tell her I’ll be ten minutes late. I have something more important I need to tend to.” Mike and I become allies for a split-second. Especially when my wide-eyed stare matches his own. All I can do is shake it off as I’m jerked away. I take everything back that I said earlier. He’s not a gentleman and his mom would most certainly scold him for acting this way.
       “Zane, stop. Where are we going?” My question is soon answered as he leads me into a dimly lit room. And as soon as he closes the door, I’m pressed up against it. His tall frame looms over me and I become aroused when his hands flatten against the door, inches away from my face. Confining me. My breathing becomes labored as he leans in.
       “Can I kiss you?”
       What? Why does he even have to ask? Zane doesn’t wait for my answer. He just takes. My mind’s spinning out of control as his warm mouth opens over mine. I’m lost in his kiss as his tongue swipes over my bottom lip. And when I moan, his tongue penetrates my mouth and dances with mine. A slow, erotic dance that has me panting and wanting so much more.
       “Don’t leave, Lili. Stay right here and I’ll be back as soon as I can.” First, he nips my bottom lip, kisses me and then walks out the door.
       What the fuck just happened?