Work in Progress: Flawless Aria

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Below is the Work In Progress Page for Flawless Aria. This page will update as the work continues until it’s release.

My latest novel, Flawless Lyric, will be releasing December 1st!, this is the 3nd book of the “Rebel Riot” series.

You can Pre-Order Flawless Lyric for $2.99 Now!
You can Pre-Order Flawless Aria for $2.99 Now!

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I’ve been dating my High School sweetheart off and on for over twelve years. So it makes sense to get engaged. Right? You’d think but when the New Year rolls around, not only am I engaged, but to a totally different woman.

It’s as fake as yesterday’s news but our families don’t have a clue. They’re all planning our fake wedding and they’ve even gone so far as picking out our wedding date. Claiming we need to plan a year in advance. The funny thing is, I’m not fazed because the more time I spend with my fake fiancé, the more I’m falling for her.

Too bad she doesn’t feel the same.

Now I’m wondering, should I stop them before it’s too late, or do I tell Aria that I want her to become my wife?

Link for Pre-Order:  Flawless Aria