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Signed Paperback – The Claiming of Callan


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Signed Paperback – The Claiming of Callan

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I was told you only get one shot at life, love and the American dream. But, no one warned me that one shot could end it all…

One shot at life.

At a young age, I was groomed to be the kind of quarterback that would win trophies and rings. It was my father’s dream, that one day I would be drafted into the NFL, and I was determined to be the son he always wanted me to be.

One shot at love.

Then along came Callan Avery. My new next door neighbor and the girl I fell in love with at fifteen. Five years of passion and pleasure so intense, we begin and end together. It would have taken an unimaginable travesty to tear us apart, and that’s exactly what fate had in store for us.

One shot… that would change everything.

It was on a dark and winding road, that a simple mistake shattered the perfect existence I was working so hard to create. Dreams destroyed. Hopes squashed. Lives ruined. Tail-spinning into a self-destructive pit of despair, I pushed away everything and everyone I cared for.

Now, I’m desperate to claw my way out of the darkness and reunite with the woman who owns my heart. Is a second-chance possible? Or will my last chance at happiness be crushed under the weight of my guilt-ridden obligations?